Frequently asked questions and Tips to help prepare for you session



Frequently asked questions and Tips to help prepare for you session

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When should I book my newborn session?

Booking in advance (at least 6 weeks) is best so as not to miss out on a date. I'll be in contact to plan your session and to tell me when your little one arrives!

Are you vaccinated, trained and insured?

Yes to all. You can be assured when hiring me that you’re hiring a photographer who is up to date with vaccinations to protect your newborn (including whooping cough). I hold certificates for Child Care and have worked in the industry for a number of years, as well as completing online training from some of the top Newborn Photographers in the world to assure the safety of little ones while posing and photographing. Mala Moon Photography is also a fully insured business and all props are washed and gently disinfected between clients.

When will my session take place?

The best time to photograph newborns is within 6-10 days of birth. This is when babies are mostly sleepy, have settled into life outside the womb a little, and all those fingers and toes are all still tiny.

Where will my newborn session take place?

As I like to capture a mixture of posed and lifestyle photographs, sessions can take place in your home and your nursery. 

I usually set up in a tiny spot by a big window/sliding door to use natural light and I bring my lighting + and equipment.

Please don't feel like you must 'tidy up'. I don't expect your home to be tidy or clean (I mean you just had a baby) When I arrive I'll ask you to show me around to see where the best window light is and I'm happy to move things around and may re-arrange a few things to make space but I'll put everything back before I leave.

How long will my newborn session last?

Due to the delicate nature of newborn sessions I recommend to set aside at least 2-3 hours in the day for your session. This gives us some leeway and time for feeds, changes and in case they are restless so there's no need to rush.

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What can I expect from my session?

My aim is to keep everyone relaxed, working with baby's needs. So your newborn will dictate the session and that's perfectly okay.

What can I do to plan and help my session go smoothly?

Our mission is to keep them warm and sleepy, that's how we can achieve those cute "milk drunk" photos. We usually begin in the morning before noon and as it takes me about half an hour to set up during this time alot of parents like to have a feed or top up so that baby can have a full tummy and feel content, to help ease into a sleep.

However nothing is set in stone with little ones so we can determine when the best time for a session is based on their feeds and sleeping patterns and that way I can time my arrive just before/after their feed.

Some other tips to help prepare are:

- If possible try not to dress your little one in over-the-head clothing as it may disrupt them too much when taking it off. A nappy and a snuggly warm blanket can be perfect!

 - During the session we may need to take a break for feeds, so it's best to keep a bottle on hand for this time (as well as some lunch for yourself!) 

- I'll need to keep your space warm (around 27 degrees Celsius) to keep baby snuggly and warm, so it may get toasty for us grown ups.

- The most important thing you can do before your session is relax! Take this time to sit down, observe and enjoy your new baby. Wee, poop and tears always happen so there's no need to stress out if any or all of the above happen during your session (this is why I bring lots of towels!)

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What should we wear if we're in the photos?

For parents I recommend sticking to simple clothes and things you feel comfortable in. Neutral colours work best (a flowy shirt, maxi dress or jumper can look flattering when photographed). Kids should wear what they're comfortable in, avoiding logos or big prints and stripes. I'm also always here to help with choosing outfits so feel free to message me your choices!

Another tip is to have your fingernails clean or painted as I'll be getting some close-up photos of them with your little one.

Lastly, if you're getting photographs with you baby you're probably feeling nervous and not your best after birth, or you haven't gotten any sleep or your hair doesn't look just right - please don't worry and let this stop you from being in these photos with your new bub! I can help with flattering angles and poses. I don't want you to miss out on having these special photos with your newborn because of any of these concerns.

Can we do sibling photos?

We can definitely incorporate sibling photos into your session. However safety is my number one priority so these photos will generally be laying down on a soft bed or surface that baby cannot be dropped from or roll. Toddlers can be unpredictable in their movement and don’t know that their new baby brother or sister are very delicate so I’ll make sure to only pose them in a safe way, be patient, gentle (and of course use some stickers and songs as bribery)

Do you bring props to the session?

I'll be bringing along a blankets, wraps, bonnets/headbands and some natural items like flowers to choose from but you can let me know if you have any items you'd like to include in your session.

Can you tell me about your style of photography?

I love to photograph natural, light and minimal photos, a mixture of gentle baby poses and lifestyle portraiture. I find simple is best and these are the photographs you'll treasure the most and will stay timeless.

Working with children, safety always comes first so I don't like to photograph them in unnatural or potentially harmful positions. 

You can expect some retouching, colour enhancement and my signature look to be applied to the images.

When will I receive my photos?

Your images will be ready to view in about 2-3 weeks from your session. Please allow an extra 2 weeks for any print or product orders.

Do I receive high resolution files and can i print canvases + art with you?

Yes, with every package you receive the high resolution files. You will also receive a second folder with Facebook Resized images ready to share with your loved ones! If you’d like to purchase additional products your online gallery will have access to a professional printing lab which offers beautiful prints, wall art and albums ready to order straight from your gallery.

I recommend printing through the professional lab if you'd like wall art and prints that are of high quality, true to colour and archival (that will last for generations as family heirlooms).