Whether you're a small business owner, a solo-preneur or sell your craft + services, we all know how important setting the right impression to your customer is. 

Your business is your baby, you've planned it, worked hard on it and if you're anything like me - lost lot's of sleep because of it. We want our business baby to be successful and draw in the attention of our target market. You've probably got an awesome product, website and business ethic but have you thought about how you can convey your passion and what your business is about to your customer? This is where business photography comes in! In today's post I'll lead you through some common questions regarding brand photography and whether it's right for you.

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What is brand photography?

It's said that you have 7 seconds to make an impression on a client. That's very little time to do SO much. The easiest way to convey your image and what you're about is definitely through images. Brand photography and styling is having a high quality, cohesive set of images to use across your social media platforms and advertising. This lets you put your brands message and story out there in front of your client without wasting time. So instead of letting that first impression be a bunch of reading, get your message across through images instead.

Where could a business use their photos?

You can use these images on social media, to have a consistent style on your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc. Use them on your blog or website, on promotional materials such as flyers or even on a menu.

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What is the advantage of hiring a professional photographer?

I can say the biggest advantage to using a professional photographer is that your images will be personal to you and your business. So forget the awkward stock photos of people/things that have nothing or little to do with your brand. I want to help tell your story and what your business is about. Whether this is images of your staff/yourself in action on the job or behind the scene, your customers, the colours and textures in your workspace, your products or foods. All real life moments captured in a beautiful and unique way. Your customer will be able to recognize you as a local authentic business through your consistent photos.

Another advantage is you receive high quality + web resized and ready images to share online. No more trying to get the perfect shot on your iPhone or worrying about uploading pixelated images and looking unprofessional.

How do you come up with the style of photographs for each business?

I'll be in back and forth contact with you to figure out what story you want me to tell about your business. We'll work together to figure out the perfect mix of images, the colours you want and things you want represented in your shoot.

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How can I make the most of my session?

Although I'll be asking you a lot of these questions already make sure you feel free to communicate what you want to get out of your session, is your main focus some new portraits of you/your staff? More streamlined photographs for your social media? Some fresh images for your advertising campaigns or promotional products? Let me know what your main aim is. Another tip is, if you've seen images you're inspired by - to collect these (perhaps through a Pinterest board or screenshots). We can then look at the inspiration to translate your favourite colours/style of photography to your business session.

Now that we've covered the basics of brand photography you may be wondering how to incorporate this into your own business. We offer packages to suit all kinds of budgets, please feel free to check these out below. Shoot me a message and we'll get to work on bringing your business to life!