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I often get the question when booking a new session, "what do I wear?" or actually more often "what should hubby wear??" So I decided to write some tips down that might help when it comes to choosing the best outfit for your session. 

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Start with Thinking of what style of session you'd like? Are you going for the laid-back lifestyle approach or would you prefer some images where everyone is more styled and dressed up than usual? It's all up to you! A few of my tips would be:

-  Keep it comfortable. Although sessions don't usually go for more than one hour you want to feel confident and at ease in your outfit so all you have to focus on during the session is having fun! If you feel uncomfortable in heels and dresses but wear them to your shoot it's probably going to show in your face that somethings not feeling right, so go with comfort.

-  Ideally, avoid logos and too many stripes - these can be distracting when photographed and take attention away from your faces. However, if hubby is adamant about the NRL jersey then go for it! In the end it tells a story and you can have a giggle at it when you're looking back at these memories in a few years time.

-  For guys I recommend a button up or an unbuttoned shirt over the top of another. Don't be afraid to add a cardigan, shirt, jacket, scarf, jewelry or any other layers to your outfit. Layers add dimension and texture in photos that catch light and also look super flattering when photographed.

-  Show a bit of everyone's personality - although a similar colour scheme is lovely you don't want to end up too matchy-matchy. For example, you could go a lighter neutral colour scheme and have hubby wear a dark blue or patterned button up to break it up.

-  When choosing outfits, try to avoid wearing all white or all black. Have you ever noticed a photo become blown out and lose detail when taken outdoors? This happens sometimes because the all white or all black can almost become like a big reflector and can make your images turn out too bright or flat.

-  When applying your own make-up I like to blend foundation all the way down the neck as sometimes this colour difference may show up on photos and need extra correcting later on. If applying fake tan (can I get a high-five for being sun smart) it's good to apply a few days before so the camera doesn't make it appear stronger than expected.

- And finally, if you already know what you'll wear and absolutely love it, you can then plan out the rest of the outfits around your favourite item!

My biggest tip is - think of what you'd wear to a dinner or night at the movies, something dressier than lounge wear, but something you can be yourself and feel comfortable in!

I hope some of these help choosing a little easier. At the end of the day this is your session, everyone has their own unique style and it's the photographers job to help with choosing an outfit but also to respect your wishes and choices.


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