With 4 days till Christmas I thought it was time to start sharing some of the beautiful families I've met during the past few weeks! As you know I'm still getting a handle on the blogging side of business but I will be getting into the swing of things and posting more often coming into the new year! I'd love to know what are some of the things you wish your photographer could tell you? Tips, tricks, stories? I'm open to all suggestions!

central coast child photographer

Arlo was a very sweet model on this day, I heard him say a little "waow" when we walked towards the beach set up, and he absolutely loved the bubbles and was full of energy trying to run up the sand dune (even if his little legs weren't long enough to reach the top just yet).

family Christmas mini sssion
family mini session collage
family hugging for christmas
baby portrait on the beach
central coast photographers
mala moon photography family
toddler at christmas on the beach